October 15th 2019

    Daniel Daianu: comments on “Reigniting growth in emerging market and low income economies; what role for structural policies”, by Davide Furceri et.al, IMF, October 2019 (NBR, Bucharest, October 15th, 2019)

September 23th 2019

    Talking points at the High Policy Level Conference on: "Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Discipline", EUI, Florence, 23 Sept 2019

June 14th 2016

      Public spending efficiency - some facts

July 22nd 2015

      Fiscal Responsibility and the New Fiscal Code

June 24th 2015

      The new fiscal code – economic context and impact on the budget

June 24th 2015

      Delivering with limited resources: issues facing small-size IFIs: The experience of the Romanian Fiscal Council

March 31st 2015

      SMEs in Romania – some structural issues

October 9th 2014

      Fiscal competitiveness issues in Romania

September 11th 2012

    Revisiting the economic growth model in Romania – some lessons from the crisis

February 8th 2012

    The European fiscal compact. Implications for Romania.

March 8th 2011

    Romania, macroeconomic outlook and fiscal policy issues.

August 11th 2010

    The public finances in Romania - international comparisons

    The Fiscal Council in Romania